Landscape Design

At Ka 'Ohi Nani Gardens we believe that good landscape design allows you to connect with nature effortlessly. It draws you in by your own awe, curiosity and desire for beauty. 

We offer landscape design and development services that fulfill your practical and aesthetic needs while also sustaining and supporting the ecosystem of your home.


Designing your environment

Your landscape should be the source of both sensual delight and physical sustenance. It is also your gateway to deeper nature connection and the wilderness within yourself. Successful design should be both sensory, soulful and strategic. Our aim in design is to maximize the efficiency, productivity and diversity of home and landscape systems so as to meet as many of our human needs as possible while having a positive effect on our planet. We feel it is our duty as humans to garden this earth and leave it more beautiful than we found it. 

Site planning

We like to design from patterns to details, whether your project is a new site or an upgrade an an old one, we start by arranging the elements and systems of your site to work synergistically. Good design decreases the labor and expense of maintenance while increasing the vitality and abundance of the land. Some of the systems, techniques and services we like to incorporate are:

  • Agriforestry and Orchard systems

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Greywater recycling

  • Perennial edible and medicinal gardens

  • Native plants

  • Erosion control

  • Xeriscaping

  • Agricultural Land dedication

  • Specialty crop production

  • Community partnerships

  • Natural building


gathering beauty

We design spaces so that their inhabitants feel enveloped in beauty. We want the luxurious aesthetic of your home to lead you outside into the garden and the seamless interwoven artistry of your landscape and nature. We specialize in sustainably sourced, quality materials and local craftsmanship so that you can rest in knowing that your choices have a beneficial impact.

We work with local nursery and licensed contractor Kauai Seascapes Nursery to guarantee all installations are done professionally and organically.

Contact us to see how we can help you create your ideal home ecosystem!